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About Us

GIFT Group of Colleges has played an important role in raising the standards of education. The group is now among the country’s most reputable and respected academic institutions. Constantly evolving with the changing times, the colleges are at par with the challenges of the modern world. Located in Gujranwala, a growing city with immense potential, the colleges are fulfilling the needs of local students, as well as those from surrounding cities and towns. It is the result of the vision of Mr. Muhammad Anwar Dar, Chairman of the Group, who felt the need to lay the foundation of an educational institution in Gujranwala, at par with international standards, to spread the light of knowledge. His efforts have borne fruit and the group is now, successfully, educating to thousands of students each year. The Colleges have a highly qualified faculty which instill in young students the desire to learn and succeed in their lives as successful professionals. The college offers separate campuses for boys and girls, to help them focus on their studies, while maintaining cultural norms. GIFT Group of Colleges has developed into thriving institutions where students want to study in order to secure a prosperous future.